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Francios Boutemy

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Francois Boutemy's fascination with photography has grown into a daily occupation, a natural conclusion arising from a childhood interest in the use of imagery as commentary on the World around him. In particular, becoming 'graphically literate' has perhaps evolved from Dyslexia, the aptitude and development of expression through visual images came far more naturally than translating meaning through written words, in this sense it is Francois' first language. Based in London, in residence at Simulacra Studio, which has continued to grow since it's 2006 launch, he is never short of subject matter and stimulation. Drawing on life experience, he has always been particularly taken with the challenge and inspiration of street photography in addition to controlled studio set up's - the beauty of capturing fragile and temporal moments, and portraying them through an abstracted lens never fails to satisfy.

Evidence of the inherent diversity in his work can be found by looking at clients & co conspirators alike, ranging from Ralph Lauren to Freyagushi, Peter May, Black Dress H.Q. chocolatier William Curley, award winning Bridalwear designer Sanyukta Shrestha, Bassline Circus, Asian Dance company Akademi and an entire chorus line of performers, sculptors, designers, retailers, party organisers, video makers, Burlesque dancers and even the occasional Dominatrix !

Furthermore Francois continues to act as tour photographer for Punk band Inner Terrestrials, having already chaptered over 10 years on the road, including a tour of Japan in April 2010, there is a wealth of material which will inevitably culminate in a well overdue book.
Over the years Francois has also released several photographic books; 'The Fetish Cookbook' (2009) and 'Words and Pictures' (2008) 'Lomosexual: A Tribute to L.O.M.O. Cameras' (2007). Another collaborative publication 'Photo Strip' is currently in long suffering development. Previously released titles in print are, 'Made in England' (2000).

Since 2010 Francois has been running photographic workshops for developing professionals and experienced amateurs to get a high end hands on studio experience. Focusing on technical excellence and artistry, incorporating a multitude of kit, gadgets and props and exploring various created themes using professional models and a resident make up artist..